Standard Limited Warranty

Carrier Services Group, Inc. (CSG) offers a standard warranty on all products. Each of the warranty conditions will be specified on the invoice or price quotation. If no warranty period is specified in the applicable invoice or price quotation, the products are sold "AS IS" with all defects included. CSG does not honor the OEM warranty on its products and disclaims all warranties, including any of merchantability or fitness for any purpose or non-infringement.

We will replace any defective unit with that of a matching component and when not available CSG will refund the purchase price. With respect to reconditioned products, reasonable wear and tear due to prior use of the product shall not be considered a defect if such products perform to manufacturer's specifications on the date such products were originally manufactured.

In respect to products that have not been previously used, CSG will make reasonable efforts to offer extended warranties on its products. We work to supply the most reliable electronically functioning product available. Any software issues eliminating the functionality of any of our components to its intended use are not covered by our warranty.

Download our 2018 Warranty Program Data Sheet