Communications Equipment Experts

Carrier Services Group knows that managing technology investment recovery well is vitally important to our customers. Providing higher net proceeds from investment recovery activities allows business units to more easily achieve their core objectives under existing budget and staffing levels. Solid IR processes also help to eliminate the cost and risk of complying with environmental regulations, and provide for much improved strategic planning for technology deployments and decommissioning.

CSG has focused its investment recovery practices on three basic tenets: know the product, build a network of buyers and sellers, and provide the highest level of service possible through investments in good people and equipment processing capabilities.

Proper equipment identification and inventory

CSG is able to achieve higher investment recovery values by being better than others at identifying equipment and understanding the value of the equipment or its component parts in the secondary market. We have the knowledge, experience, people, processes and tools necessary to produce maximum value for decommissioned equipment.

Strategic positioning in secondary markets

CGS has created a strategic market hub between secondary equipment sellers and buyers by providing a quality-driven process for decommissioning, refurbishing and remarketing technology assets.

Technical and Logistics Professionals

At CSG, we are both communications technologists and logistics professionals. All customer programs are managed by technology project managers and all network engineering services are performed by BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD). Our installation and transportation teams are all professionally licensed and bonded. The power of our team is leveraged through the use of custom asset evaluation tools and our extensive customer portals.


Our Process