Supporting Your Network with Secondary Market Equipment

Telecommunications service providers make large investments in new technology every year. They also spend millions of dollars on refurbished equipment purchased from secondary market suppliers when replacement parts for deployed systems are no longer available from original equipment suppliers or when replacing equipment with new parts becomes prohibitively expensive.

The most reliable sources for purchasing high quality secondary market telecommunications equipment are those vendors who excel in technology investment recovery services. They are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. Those same attributes that drive top tier investment recovery vendors to provide excellence in the decommissioning, testing, refurbishing and reselling of assets coming out of telecommunications service providers are the same attributes that ensure high quality refurbished equipment is consistently delivered to the ultimate buyers of the equipment.

This is why CSG developed AssetCaster – a network of over 500 pre-screened and pre-qualified buyers. AssetCaster's web portal allows buyers to browse and search product categories, create customized category and item alerts, generate bids for items for sale, track activity, and manage payment and logistics for winning bids. Buyers have access to inventory and consignment parts representing over 35,000 line items and over 450,000 individual parts. Visit the AssetCaster portal today.


Best Practices