Strategic Importance of Investment Recovery Practices

Managing end-of-life issues with deployed technology continues to be a burden for large technology-centric organizations. The operational demands of decommissioning equipment and the ever-expanding environmental and regulatory environment, along with the huge inefficiencies in the investment recovery value chain force many companies to absorb unnecessary costs and risks. Investment recovery is strategically important to these businesses, but not always consistent with their operational capabilities and strengths.

Making matters worse, many third-party investment recovery vendors fail to deliver on their big promises. Whether it is the fact that these vendors simply do not understand the technology environment or operational needs of their customers, or that they do not have the operational capability themselves to provide a high level of service, it is their customers who ultimately pay the price through low extracted value and exposure to regulatory fines and other operational risks.

Fortunately, this scenario does not need to play out. Carrier Services Group is a company that understands how telecommunications carriers and large corporations operate. We also know technology and how to make the most of every equipment investment dollar.

Time after time we have delivered superior results through higher asset recovery value, reduced decommissioning costs, relief of administrative burden on operating groups, improve forecasting and reporting, and the 100% elimination of the cost and liability for compliance with today's stringent environmental regulations.

Carrier Services Group can help you turn investment recovery from a significant liability to a strategic advantage.

The Value Chain