Maximizing Value For Sellers

Carrier Services Group provides fully managed logistics and equipment processing services. We maintain extensive transportation capabilities and processing facilities nationwide that allows us to give our sellers the optimal path through the investment recovery value chain for each of their projects or sites. CSG project managers analyze each equipment lot and can customize the program to meet seller requirements and to achieve the highest possible outcome for our sellers.

Purchase and inventory – CSG can purchase certain lines and models of equipment for cash. This provides sellers with quick cash flow and allows CSG to hold the equipment until it can be sold for maximum value.

Consignment – Through a consignment contract, CSG can provide sellers with higher sales values, especially if there are no time constraints. CSG will pick up, transport, inventory, test, refurbish, package and store the equipment until it is sold at no additional cost.

Repair and refurbish – Non-functioning equipment is thoroughly tested by CSG and repaired if possible or economically justifiable. Most other vendors do not attempt to repair equipment and will sell it to bulk recyclers with very little resulting value to the seller.

Commodity Recycling – Communications equipment may have significant amounts of recoverable precious metals and resources that will generate significant resale value, but many vendors don’t have the ability to process the equipment and end up selling it for scrap value. CSG breaks down equipment to the smallest component level and works with reclamation and recycling partners to extract every possible dollar for our sellers.

Process and disposal – CSG and our recycling and disposal partners take any remaining materials that have no further economic value and dispose of them in full compliance with industry best practices and environmental regulations.  CSG operates under a strict zero landfill policy.


Best Practices (Sellers)