Ensuring Quality and Confidence

As acknowledged experts in the technology investment recovery and re-marketing industry, Carrier Services Group brings important experience and capabilities to service providers and Fortune 2000 companies who need to purchase reliable and quality refurbished equipment to support their operations. From our perspective, there are six key “best practices” that allow CSG to provide exceptional refurbished communications equipment to the world’s largest service providers and corporations:

Provide a large source of equipment inventory sourced from top tier networks

CSG provides investment recovery services to some of the largest telecommunications companies and corporations in the world, which gives us access to a very broad source of high-quality used communications hardware. CSG maintains expertise in equipment specifications and values for equipment manufactured by more than 85 different suppliers/OEMs.

Adhere to best-in-class equipment refurbishing and remarketing processes

The capability that truly sets CSG apart from other asset recovery and remarketing companies in this industry is the quality and efficiency of our equipment processing, refurbishing, salvaging and waste disposal proficiencies. This is our core business and the breadth of our ability to refurbish, scrap and sell equipment is significant.

Provide effective equipment tracking and management systems for buyers

CSG provides customers with access to our web-based AssetCaster software that helps customers track order and purchase history, item details, specifications, and warranty information down to each serial number of equipment purchased.

Offer a leading warranty policy and return process

Our quality process management and inspection and testing programs allows us to stand behind our refurbished equipment, giving us the confidence to offer an industry leading warranty on all equipment purchased from CSG.

Provide dedicated project managers for all buyer accounts

CSG assigns a project manager to all customers. CSG's project managers add another layer of accountability to our customers and provide a direct point of contact when an issue requires escalation.

Maintain key quality, security, and environmental certifications

CSG and our downstream partners maintain the highest level of certification possible in the asset recovery and disposal industry.


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