Standard Terms and Conditions

New Customer Accounts
Credit accounts can be established with CSG to enhance the purchasing process of your company. We begin with new clients by offering terms of net 15 for purchases made of $500 or less. Once we establish a history with your company we can extend this to meet your accounting needs. All customers are required to submit a credit application and sales tax exemption certificate if applicable. We welcome any alternate form of payment such as credit cards, American Express, or company checks. You can even use PayPal options as long as you are verified through them. We also accept wire transfers or we can simply ship your item COD via FEDEX.

Payment and Pricing Terms
Subject to credit approval, payment is due on all invoices 30 days from date of invoice. All prices will be quoted on a per occurrence basis and are subject to change without notice. All quotes are subject to termination by CSG at any time prior to receipt and acceptance of items requested on purchase order. Prices within the industry fluctuate on a day to day basis therefore making it a continual process in establishing current market values. Our commitment is to work within the practicality of the purchase rather than the opportunity.

Freight Terms
All shipments from CSG's warehouse locations to destinations within the continental United States will be shipped via surface freight. If your intention is for us to handle the logistics of your items then freight charges will be added to the total of your purchase order and placed on the invoice. If you are accustomed to handling the freight logistics of your own company's purchases then all we request is that you notify us of your intended freight carrier service and the designated pick up time. Title to goods and risk of loss or damage is transferred to buyer upon delivery of the ordered items by the seller to a common carrier.

Carrier Services Group is committed to working with the desires of its buyers to getting your product where you need it and when you need it. Shipping dates required by the purchasing agent are always the priority when it comes to logistics. Dates provided by the seller, verbal or written, are approximate and are based on the current inventory and estimations of time periods required to obtain ordered goods from the manufacturer and or the secondary market. In no event shall the seller assume liability, consequential or otherwise, as a result of seller's failure to deliver goods in accordance with indicated delivery schedules. Acceptance of any item shipped by CSG pursuant to buyer's purchase order shall constitute a waiver of all claims based on delay of deliveries. Buyer shall be responsible for signing all acceptance documents with the carrier as short or visible damage. Any shortages or damage to the order or its components must be reported to us within 2 days of receipt. Any damages to the shipping container or its contents must be photographed and documented. We have taken extra precaution on the behalf of our product to assure its authenticity. Select components will receive an additional serial number that cannot be removed to easily assist our customers in the return process.

All sales, use and other taxes applicable to products purchased from CSG are the Buyers sole responsibility. No taxes shall be billed if Buyer submits a tax exemption certificate to the respective tax authorities. CSG reserves the right to request from its customers a tax identification number.