As acknowledged experts in the telecom investment recovery and re-marketing industry, Carrier Services Group, Inc. (CSG) brings experience and important assets to communications companies’ operating units that are responsible for end-of-life hardware and software management. These capabilities can drive significant improvements in increasing the recovered value of decommissioned equipment and in reducing direct operating costs related to these activities.

Doing investment recovery well is strategically important to all communications companies; primarily for the fact that higher recovered value and decreased decommissioning and disposal costs allow the operating business units to more easily achieve their core business objectives under existing budgets and staffing levels. Also important to communications companies is the process of eliminating the very substantial risks associated with improper environmental recovery and waste disposal processes. At a strategic level, the market insight provided to customers by CSG can also significantly improve the planning and decision making around ongoing decommissioning and investment recovery activities.

Contact Carrier Services Group to learn about AssetCaster, CSG’s proprietary telecom Investment Recovery platform to learn how it can dramatically improve investment recovery practices and returns while providing very granular level detail to all steps of the lifecycle process including customized reporting down to component level tracking for all accounting and compliance requirements.